Nosferatu Primogen


Although once known as “Vitali”, the now accepted leader of the Nosferatu prefers to be acknowledged as Wretch. Not much is known of his past; he prefers to keep his mortal and Kindred life as separate entities. Wretch chose his own name following his embrace, as a tribute to the pain and suffering that he endured not only during the embrace, but also throughout his kindred life as a result of his disfiguring embrace.

Since the embrace he has decided to try to make the best of his new “life” by leading the Nosferatu and the Camarilla as a whole to the best of his ability. He truly believes in the teachings of the Masquerade and believes if it is broken by any means on a large scale that it would put the existence of all Kindred in great danger.

While Wretch truly hates his current existence, he believes that helping the Camarilla succeed in their goals is the way to a happy "un"life. His every decision is fully influenced by whatever the Prince says; this is partially due to his traditionalist attitude, and partially due to his fear of the prince’s lack of self control when it comes to anger… Anything and everything must first be run by the Prince for approval.


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