Fall of the Camarilla

Week 1

Major Events from Night of play:

Wretch informed all nosferatu in the city of Xaviar (Gangrel Justicar) backing the Gangrel clan out of the Camarilla. No Gangrel have yet been spoken to.

Group visits prince. He has no additional information at the moment either. Very nice and charming guy, but also with a bad side that comes out in a snap. The group has learned that the prince does not appreciate things (especially himself) being called crazy, psycho, etc.

Brick was thrown through the window saying “Crazy ass psycho”. Hamilton frenzied and attacked the group. Upon trying to retreat, they noticed the way they entered was now engulfed in flames. Their only exit was through a window in the hallway that lead to an abandoned warehouse.

The warehouse was littered with landmines, and was soon surrounded by SWAT. Long fight ensued. All SWAT were murdered. Team escapes through the sewers. Checks ShreckNET and finds video from “The Watcher” http://youtu.be/tcLZHqI5Itg. Questions Wretch about the video and location of Hamilton. Wretch currently knows nothing but expects Hamilton to check in with him within 24 hours.


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